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Accurate & professional payroll software

Set of human resource management solutions.

Fully customizable

Provides a lot of useful features to bring an extremely enjoyable user experience.

Application integration

The system saves costs thanks to its flexible integration when choosing the right technology and equipment.

Drag and drop

Allows people to move (drag) items within (drop) a graphical user interface.

Manage & Push your business to the next level

HR Salary can aggregate attendance data, sales

First Workflow

Sustainable Development

24/7 hour support

Always provide customers

Payroll Management

Payroll management collects data of salary factors for all employees, flexibly setting salary structure with calculation functions like on Excel tools.

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Customized IT solutions for your successful business


Trụ sở:
103 Pasteur, P.Bến Nghé, Q.1, Tp.HCM

Văn phòng:
171-175 Hàm nghi, P.Nguyễn Thái bình, Q.1, Tp.HCM


(028) 3911 1060, 3823 8401

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