Employee Training, Development
& Management Software

Improve your bottom line while continuously creating your own employees

Help advance employee career development

TDS TANDUC software allows you to monitor the entire training and development cycle

From the first initial course to the central feedback synthesis for the training, helping to engage and develop employees' careers

Self-service function

Empower employees to require desired training


Countless records and storage of important information through the training library

Monitoring staff capacity

Using our competency tracking system, a library of competencies can be sourced and allocated to both job roles and employees, allowing you to identify and track any development gaps. which the employee may have.

Planning support

Succession with a clear understanding of the employee's skill set


High achievers and underperformers

Besides training

Set goals and tasks to promote employee strengths

Besides training

Set goals and tasks to promote employee strengths

01. Create a workforce

Allow your team to request the training they desire, enable employees to develop the skills they love most, and improve workforce morale and productivity.

02. Built-in Reminders

The Risk Management Matrix provides the ability to flag risks for employees who do not have the required qualifications or training material, ensuring compliance with the company.

03. Training supervision

Inform your workforce and help the training progress by answering any questions or concerns from your employees around the training.

Frequently asked questions about employee training?

What is employee training?

Employee training is a work program that provides your employees with role-specific knowledge and skills to facilitate and improve their job performance within your business. For HR teams, it plays a vital role in how you train, develop, and engage your workforce, and directly impacts business retention, brand and growth of yourself.

Do employers need to pay employees for mandatory training?

Yes, in short, required training needs to be paid for, however, it can be covered as part of your standard salary. If you earn the National Minimum Wage or close to it, your employer will pay you for the time spent on required training. This is because wages received relative to the number of hours worked during the wage reference period may result in you being below the National Minimum Wage. If you earn more than the National Minimum Wage, the time spent on required training may already be paid for with your wages. If training does not take place during your regular working hours, check your employment contract to see if you will be paid for the time spent in training.

Is training for limited company employees taxable?

As a general rule, yes, limited liability companies can apply for tax breaks for employee training. When you put your staff on the right job-related training programme, UK businesses can claim a tax break on training costs for directors and staff if the training is aimed at The aim is to improve the skills needed in the business. Training expenses are allowed to be deductible when calculating taxable business profits.

How does training and development improve employee motivation?

Training and development can help your employees understand exactly where they fit into your organization. With clear plans for personal development, advancement, and regular training in their roles, employees will be able to understand and visualize their contributions and work in line with business goals. Where is the larger business? In turn, this often leads to improved motivation and a deeper connection to your business, ultimately improving morale, productivity, and quality of work.

Do you have to pay employees to train?

Whether employees need to be paid for training depends on the purpose of the training. Legally, you don't have to pay employees if they request time off for training or learning that they don't need to do their job. However, if you require an employee to do the necessary training for their job, this amount must be paid.

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