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"Tan Duc Software Development Joint Stock Company (TDS)" was formerly the human resource management software application development department of Tan Duc Technical and Commercial Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1991. To To meet the development needs, from June 2014 changed business registration in the form of Joint Stock Company.

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We are here to help you manage your business efficiently and best


Ensure to always provide 4.0 technology products and services with the best quality and cost in the market


Master technology, easily expand, upgrade, and integrate into existing organizations/units' systems


Being a unit that "masters both hardware and software" has more advantages in terms of initiative and price than competitors in the same industry.


With the criterion of finding the most comprehensive solution, TDS Group always supports and meets all the needs of customers to create the most optimal solution.

Our services

Meet the management requirements according to the specific characteristics of your business

Humans Resource Management

Building and developing a human resource management system for companies in the direction of management computerization

Attendance management

The timekeeping system is extremely flexible, able to handle most of the most complex shift cases

Payroll Management

System for calculating time salary, product salary, distributed salary, Gross salary, Net salary

Training Management

Training management function, understand the information of each training provider, help you plan training quickly and accurately

Online License Management

Allow employees to use the web to apply for leave. After that, it will be approved by the management and synchronized with the attendance data

Quản lý BHXH

Tự động tổng hợp danh sách nộp BHXH, chi trả chế độ BHXH tiết kiệm và tối ưu thời gian tính toán và đối chiếu số liệu

Personal income management

Monitor and mitigate payroll tax risks. Maintain control and visibility.

Production manager

Record and track all company goods in one central system, while maintaining control of company goods.

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(028) 3911 1060, 3823 8401


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(028) 3911 1060, 3823 8401

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