Online leave management software

Approve, deny and manage employee leave and get overall visibility.

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Leave Management
with different purposes

Step 1

Absent management

for work purposes, assigned tasks, business trips.

Step 2

Holiday/Day off management

for employees: leave, unpaid leave, sick leave, maternity leave...

Step 3

Other purposes

work from home, short absence due to health conditions...

Our Service

Empower employees with easy-to-use leave management

Convenient leave management system is easy to use for employees. Available through mobile and desktop apps, it allows employees to apply for leave and update their availability no matter where they are.

Our Service

Gain overall visibility of overdue employees

The system provides total visibility of employee availability across the entire system. Approved leave is automatically reflected in rosters, leave balances and payroll – without the need for cross-checking or re-entering into separate systems.

Our Service

Speed up the assignment process

With leave management and assignment all part of a seamless system, the assignment process is streamlined. When building the list, managers will be alerted if they assign shifts to an employee who is going on leave.

Our Service

Give managers access on the go

With the system, managers can access team leave requests on the go. With management functionality integrated in the mobile app, managers can easily approve or deny requests with a simple swipe left, right.

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Employees can manage their own leave. Managers can access and manage employee leave from their Employee System or app.

Employees on the System can access their leave balance and apply for leave from their desktop or mobile device.

Leave management system allows you to create your own custom leave types.

Leave management software supports seniority leave.