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Production management solutions to increase efficiency and productivity of import and export management, process optimization and increase the competitiveness of enterprises. Helping businesses track and solve problems related to the production process such as giving statistical reports on warehouses,...

Easy management, ensuring progress and improve productivity

01. Supervising company products

Track your manufactured goods throughout their lifecycle; from procurement and maintenance to retirement and disposal.

02. Simplify content visibility

Get instant insight into the current status, conditions and holders of all company merchandise and better understand what items are available.

03. Streamline asset management

Manage all of your company's manufactured items from across different locations with ease and make it a simple task to recover them from employees

Provides an on-demand view of the company's manufactured goods

Collate information about your business assets and inventory in a central cloud system, track who assets are assigned to, detailed asset logging, and more.

  • Our asset tracking software will: Track all existing assets and know which assets you have available for release
  • Track the condition, warranty and purchase price of your property
  • Automate your inventory management process and reduce admins
  • Monitor asset usage and ensure compliance

Improve the life of your inventory

You can effectively track the maintenance schedules of your assets and ensure they are always at peak performance, no matter how complex.

  • Understand what content needs updating or maintenance to prolong the life of your content
  • Set automatic reminders that notify you of license expiration and renewal dates and also remind you when MOT, tax, roadside insurance or insurance is due for renewal
  • Reduce the risk of property theft or fraudulent activity with a comprehensive asset listing and quickly resolve lost asset listing cases and quickly resolve lost asset cases

Frequent questions

Warehouse is a place to gather goods, products, sell products, components, production materials, etc. They store a variety of goods in a large quantity, then supply them to stores and agents. agent, customer…

Warehouse management is the job of managing, preserving and tracking in detail the quantity and quality of goods that exist in the warehouse. The warehouse manager will be the person who is responsible for the entire warehouse: Managing the quantity of goods exported, imported goods, damaged situation, location arrangement, etc.

Warehouse managers must monitor the raw materials and finished products of the business. These items can be used for business, resold or leased to another entity. The main job of a warehouse manager is to supervise warehouse workers, arrange, inventory and report to superiors on the status of goods in the warehouse.

Warehouse management also solves many problems Avoid loss of goods, Reduce costs in warehouse management, Increase revenue through effective management, Increase working capital efficiency